Of an Anaxagorean Mind


Later that evening I had the privilege of meeting some Greek women, friends of Seferiades' sister. Here again I was impressed by the absence of those glaring defects which make even the most beautiful American woman or English woman seem positively ugly. The Greek woman, even if she is cultured, is first and foremost a woman. She sheds a distinct...

And why not? Do our bodies not accommodate particles of cosmic energy, the immortal, divine substance we call soul? And if so, do we not carry a god within our incarnate career?



Despite our yearning for a state of being in heavenly domains, our incarnate experience binds us to the material world and its pleasures, the latter of which are so many that we can hardly imagine any kind of afterlife without the functions of our bodies; hence all the religions promising not only the eternity of our souls, but also our...