On contemplating the ever-threatening, Mongol-bred, wannabee bullies to the East of us, the Slavic peasants to the north, who want to embellish their non-identity with a chunk of our Macedonian history, and the ignorant Albanian simpletons whose current antics are the result of a perennial chip on their overshadowed shoulders, we Greeks must realize that we are condemned to have Clowns to the east of us and jokers to our north.

A few days ago, a young Greek who was celebrating a national holiday in a Greek village within Albanian borders was provoked and officially murdered by a police force of at least two hundred mobilized men.Slavs in Skopje systematically burn Greek flags because we do not accept them as descendants of Alexander the Greek's legacy.The Turks, who brutally slaughtered thousands of Greeks and Armenians in the 20th century, true to their expansionist Mongolic tradition, claim Homer and all the Ionian Philosophers to be theirs, whilst today it threatens Greece with annihilation if it dares to implement its rights to the Aegean.What those three have in common is that they have not contributed an iota to human civilization.

However, as Greeks, we are condemned to be the descendants of those that have left their mark so deeply engraved in all that is beautiful that we will forever be the recipients of the hatred that broken-in, domesticated animals feel for their tamers.

To prove this, all one needs to do is to take out the Greek words and roots from his or any civilized language in the world. The result? It would simply stop functioning in a civilized context.

Nothing is more representative of the linguistic tool with which we have tamed humanity than this English text comprised solely of borrowed Greek diction (conjunctions, modals and prepositions aside).. The text is also an answer to those that whimsically claim that English is the richest language in the world...Brace yourselves, for here it goes:

"The genesis of classical drama was not symptomatic. An euphoria of charismatic and talented protagonists showed fantastic scenes of historic episodes. The prologue, the theme and the epilogue, comprised the trilogy of drama while synthesis, analysis and synopsis characterized the phraseology of the text. The syntax and phraseology used by scholars, academicians and philosophers in their rhetoric, had many grammatical idioms and idiosyncrasies. The protagonists periodically used pseudonyms. Anonymity was a syndrome that characterized the theatrical atmosphere. The panoramic fantasy, the mystique, the melody, the aesthetics, the use of the cosmetic epithets are characteristics of drama. Even through the theatres were physically gigantic,there was no need for microphones because the architecture and the acoustics would echo isometrically and crystal - clear. Many epistemologists of physics, aerodynamics, acoustics, electronics, electromagnetics, can not analyze - explain the ideal and isometric acoustics of Hellenic theaters even today. There were many categories of drama: classical drama, melodrama, satiric, epic, comedy, etc. The syndrome of xenophobia or dyslexia was overcome by the pathos of the actors who practiced methodically and emphatically. Acrobatics were also euphoric. There was a plethora of anecdotal themes, with which the acrobats would electrify the ecstatic audience with scenes from mythical and historical episodes. Some theatrics episodes were characterized as scandalous and blasphemous. Pornography, bigamy, homophilia, nymphomania, polyandry, polygamy and heterosexuality were dramatized in a pedagogical way so the mysticism about them would not cause phobia or anathema or taken as anomaly but through logic, dialogue and analysis, skepticism and the pathetic or cryptic mystery behind them would be dispelled. It is historically and chronologicallyproven that theater emphasized pedagogy, idealism and harmony. Paradoxically it also energized patriotism a phenomenon that symbolized ethnically character and phenomenal heroism."

Besides the Greek origin of the Latin and Slavic alphabets, the Greek words in the text I have just recited have for the most part also been borrowed by our three lacking in culture neighbors...

When your benefactor is a constant reminder of your inadequacies, it is so unbearable, that even if you strike him from the face of the earth, you will be haunted by the truth of what Henry James Maine once said in his Cambridge speech:


-Panagiotis Terpandros Zachariou- 1/11/2018