It seems that whenever the Western World has undergone any kind of crisis as to its identity or approach to things, it eventually turns to the study of its cultural forefathers. The Greeks. It was this study that sparked off the Renaissance, later triggered the formation of the Nation States and that may now reintroduce National borders and national currencies.

Stanford University's Dr. Josiah Ober recently published "The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece." In his latest work, he explains that the commoners of ancient Greece had a living standard so high that it was unsurpassed until the 19th century.

The cause of ancient Greece's high living standards was attributed to the ethnically homogeneous societies of the City States and their decentralization process. Whenever a city's population exceeded the production that supported it, colonies were established and trade flourished.

Nowadays, common knowledge would have one believe that the Greeks' decentralization should have made trade impossible. The opposite seems to have been the case: living standards rose for the ancient Greeks until the Romans went multi-cultural, centralized and unified the region. In fact, historical analysts have concluded that life for the commoners was much better under the Greek City States than it was under the multi-ethnic Byzantine Empire, when the civilization became feudal and bureaucratic. The Byzantine theme system levied devastating taxes on the local populations. During the medieval era, the expression "a Byzantine Bureaucracy" was commonly used to describe overburdened systems, such as those evident in our ever-expanding metropolises today and an increasingly centralized European government, with all its dubious social implications.

Centralized multicultural systems, funded by banks and conglomerates, heavily rely on "subjects" rather than citizens, the former being passively dependent on services and subsidies offered by the system they blindly serve, whilst the latter realize that one's active participation in society, government and economy makes a difference in his standard of living. To reproduce and perpetuate governmental dependence, over the past 20 years, the International Mass Media has been touting a "cosmopolitan" world-citizen identity as opposed to national identities, the latter increasingly labeled as "fascist," "racist," "nationalist" and all the -ist suffixed totems of disapproval.

Through the notion of being a world-citizen, however, people are often disoriented as to where to devote their creative energy. In the absence of any sense of belonging, many of them join globalist organizations and turn their backs on their origins, often creating chasms and friction between selves and those who cling on to their national roots. Meanwhile, there are also those self-proclaimed cosmopolites who are only willing to selectively practice their world citizenry in the developed capitals of the world where they can do their shopping...

Aristotle noted that without fully active social involvement, one can never develop into a healthy human being.
Prerequisite to such involvement is one's bonding with his/her fellow citizens in neighborhoods, towns and villages, which today are being swallowed up by multi-storied mausoleums in modern cities where essential social interaction (and therefore the fermentation of any kind of culture) is reduced to nil.

In absence of any kind of healthy social bonding within "cosmopolitan" environments, many young people who are willing to embrace anything that will give them a sense of belonging fall easy prey to various organizations that champion the idea of "a world without borders." They are recruited to embrace the interests of 3d world migration into Europe with a complete disregard of the social instability that an unchecked influx of non-compatible ethnic groups may impose on indigenous populations.

The neo-human emerging from the modern idea of a "COSMOPOLITAN/WORLD-CITIZEN" identity functions like a rootless entity, pretty much like a "floating fart" that produces no culture and nothing of essence other than the lingering stench subsequent to the decay of decomposing ethnic societies.

This stench, however, may have finally reached the nostrils of many Europeans who have of late witnessed the mass invasion of non-compatible elements from Asia and Africa streaming into the continent. The mask of a Pan-European government has fallen. The true face that has emerged is that of a system that does not serve the interests of European peoples. For it has become all too evident, that to do away with the "Ethnic Citizen" and to establish the "Cosmopolitan Subject" (that is, the serf to be exploited by the system), mass migration policies and anti-racist laws aimed to muffle any dissent were implemented by Brussels to dilute the indigenous populations of Europe who do not take kindly to seeing their regions turned into multi-cultural quagmires.

Brexit may very well be only the tip of the iceberg as to what may follow, since economical interests may be cast aside in favour of the complacent security of the ethnic hearths that have always given Europe its unique identity through its Nation States. "Xenophobic" it may be labeled by New World Order buffs, but the fact remains that it is a slap in the face of globalization and a clear stance against the invasion of the uninvited.

Besides, to decide on what is right not only for Europe, but the planet as a whole, we should take the cue from our most vital organ - our heart!
Just as love is diffused and expanded from the center, and not the other way around, so should each person begin improving the world from where he/she stands - from home. By trying to improve our immediate environment communally and environmentally, we contribute a healthy cell to the infrastructure of our planet.

It was this mentality that gave birth to the world's greatest civilization and crowned the Acropolis rock with a Parthenon, before Athens also turned into a fart through its effort to imperialize Ionia and centralize its colonies.

Anything else is Utopia (from Greek ou=no + topos =place, meaning "no such place"). It is this UTOPIA that is being touted to the naive by all the manipulating forces that want to dilute the diversity of ethnic peoples into uncivilized, multicultural populaces ripe for exploitation.

Panagiotis Terpandrou Zachariou