My recent visit to Athens during the process of having my book, "Harmoscopesis", republished proved quite revealing. I had not walked its center for twenty years. The 3-kilometer stroll between the Columns of Olympian Zeus and my publisher's, near the Field of Ares, sufficed for me to study the human imprint anew, as compared to what I remembered as a younger man in the 90's.

On my way I stood before and truly relished the steadfast value of our civilization as reflected by the majestic facades of the Academy and the University of Athens, whose grandeur and incomparable beauty should guide every public architectural and artistic expression, with the heroic forms of Apollo and Athena perched on Ionic columns, personifying the composure and spirit that every human being ought to strive for.

However, I was not to chance on any such human semblances during my promenade. Turning at the avenue which led to the publishers, I encountered a quagmire of broken down people and an outlandish panspermia of non-European races, which, in their sum, would require new words to express «horridness»: Two-legged entities of no certain identity, who meshed in symphony with the toxic graffiti, the charred buildings the broken pavements (from which chronic rioters supplied themselves with ammo against the police) and the Afro-asiatic idioms reverberating throughout the surreal environment.

I could not help but think that this was the «multicultural» world that would produce the «man of the future», as envisioned by Austrian diplomat, Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi in his 1923 book, Pan-Europa. I asked myself what kind of dementia would ever want to normalize such «ugliness» by blotting out the beautiful ethnic tapestry of our indigenous European racial diversity...

At some point, I ventured into the courtyard of the Polytechnic University of Athens to witness from up close the nursery of the deep State that for the past 40 years has ideologically staffed the Upper Education system of the country as well as the brains of most members of the Greek Parliament... Stray dogs and some tattooed individuals of dubious gender wandered lethargically in the campus grounds.

At times, I have heard many say that Western Civilization is gasping its last breath under the tyranny of the Draconian serpents that dominate the economic and political life of Europe and the U.S..
I thought that if this is indeed the case, then the leaning bronze head monument to commemorate the alleged students' struggle to overturn the dictatorship in 1974 could very well be the head of the Greek-based Serpent... I stress «alleged» because the junta government had already announced parliamentary elections and the establishment of a parliamentary republic prior to the student uprise, which had obviously been staged by the same forces that have today brought Greece to its knees culturally and economically. It is a real irony that the «oppressed» youth who had organized the Student Revolt against the Junta was not only to establish a career in the corrupt governments that followed and destroyed the Greek economy, but as time passed more and more of them were to face charges of corruption and mismanagement of government funds.

It was not too difficult for my mind's eye to envision an infinite, serpentine length with scales extending under this gigantic head that looked as if it had just broken through the pavement to gloat over the riotous chaos its presence wreaks every 17th of November, when, for no reason whatsoever, hordes of anarchists wreak havoc in the area with homemade incendiary bombs to commemorate... nothing.

I later found out that the model for the face of the bronze head was that of a Marxist professor by the name of Nikos Svoronos. It was strategically placed by his ideological cronies beside a stone slab which listed the names of the university's students fallen during the resistance in the Second World War. I stress «strategically», because its purpose was to evoke emotions amongst the naive, gullible public who do not bother to read history, or the worn-out date on the slab, having been made to think that those are the names of the students run over by the junta tank that broke down the gate during the November 17 demonstration... Never mind that not one person was ever killed or attacked in the university campus.

With all this in mind, looking at its blank, reptile-like eyes, I thought that if a snake-bite victim writhed in pain before it died, the dilapidation of the university compound and the circumstances unraveling around the bronze head (the bleakness, the drug trafficking and the chronic violence) ascertained the snakes venomous presence.

The absurdity of it all made me wonder what kind of people would embrace such narrative as to tolerate so much toxicity in its environment and culture.

Then I remembered the words of an old man who once said to me: «Stay away from large cities, son. They destroy people.»
When I asked him why he thought so, he replied, «Large cities are prisons, where, without their knowing, the residents are both the inmates and the guards...»

Friends, I daresay that we should all heed the wise elderly. And as an old Greek tenet goes, «If you have no old person, buy yourself one...»

And since I am, myself, entering the gates of older age, here, I give vent to all that I see for young people to learn from. Through my description of my visit to the center of the Greek capital, I hope to raise an awareness of what is in store for the Western World if we do not re-address our values that would salvage what life is worth living for - that is to say, Eros and a civilization that would secure its presence. And since the Eros of the West has always been dictated by the mindset of its birthplace, Greece, I suggest that we deal with the issues that are destroying our western identities through its archaic world view which inspired the Renaissance.When I returned to my island home of Crete, no sooner had I set foot where Europa and Zeus once gave birth to Europe and Western civilization, than I was visited by the Muse of traditional Cretan rhyme and meter. The influence of the Muse was triggered by an old scavenger's words that had reached my ear at the turn of the century, and which now made much more sense after my visit to Athens.

It was the year two thousand, when I heard this old man shout

Behind his junk-filled cart that he would always wheel about,

While scavenging for articles with which he would sustain

A scant existence in a world from which he would abstain.

" You People of my race, take heed! Large cities such as this

empower the snake that hypnotizes people with its hiss!

Your mobile screens immobilize the natural course of things

And what will surely root throughout is all that evil brings."

As redolent of amber coal of fire dying out,

He sought anew to kindle wood so younger flames may sprout.

But ash would stifle all his rage at all the world's decay -

An impetus impossible for one to keep at bay.

The years have passed, but credence bring to all that he foretold

And now his words through me resound with wishes to unfold.

Sons of Europe and the West, I send you an appeal

From Europe's birthplace, island Crete, so that you will not kneel!

May hands in circles interlace anon so you may dance

To all nine Muses reinstate and culture re-enhance.

Oh people of my race and breed, may you the Serpent kill,

And re-establish Delphi and Apollo's golden skill.

And once the odious head is crushed and you're rid of its scourge,

As killers of Draconian Blight, may you your lands re-purge.

When you have finally cleansed yourselves of all the noxious slime

May your enlightened sights be set on all that is sublime.

People of my blood, may you our language bring to mind,

So that barbaric thoughts may to «barbarians» be confined;

The Discus Thrower be the form to guide «misguided» youth;

This era's dark monstrosity be smitten by its truth.

Where fertile seeds do not take root for anything to grow

And where the flower-suckling bees by all their means forego,

It is a place of vapid beings whose substance is condemned,

For those who burden earth with waste of what they buy and spend.

One sees it blandly manifest throughout one's toxic mien-

On bodies stained and marked as such that manliness demean,

And by extension of such blight the female is forlorn!

When nature is so out of reach all Eros is unborn.

And now through the imperative allow me to suggest

The course of action you should take to save the Grecian West!

Those multicultural cities flee and seek to reunite;

Establish farms and villages. In Nature seek the light.

Have children to rejuvenate your great ancestral stock

Blackwashing your identity is something you must block!

To cross a donkey with a horse creates the sterile mule,

and normalizing «ugliness» only behooves the fool.

Apply Spartan discipline, Lycurgus' laws uphold

to educate your children with, to toughened bodies mold.

The word for «leisure» be your guide. In Greek the word is «school»!

Thus, only after work and toil should one sit on a stool!

«You people of my race take heed!», his words do still resound,

The wise old, smitten scavenger, in me a herald found.

You people of my race, take heed of my Hellenic cry!

Our culture save from Brussels' Snake or we shall surely die!

-Panagiotis Terpandrou Zachariou-